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Last week, I had the privilege and the honour to speak at the Women Tech Global Conference 2020. This incredible platform unites 1,24,000 + women in technology from 181 countries across the globe. I’m incredibly grateful to Anna Radulovski, Founder & CEO Women Tech Network and the amazing Women Tech Network Global Conference Team for this opportunity and for giving us a platform to reach out to so many Women in Tech.

This event reinstated my personal mission of learning , growing , reaching out to people and learning from their journeys!

A 3 day global conference of this magnitude is truly a phenomenal occurrence and something that can truly define the changing paradigm of these hard pandemic times.

Thank you once again Anna for showing us the power of technology, for believing in the simple message of connecting people and offering to them life changing experiences!

Needless to say, despite my best meditation efforts, I was nervous and everything that could go wrong kept flooding my mind! Until it literally was Lights, Camera, Action time and We went live!

The support of so many women, from India to Berlin, Nepal, Poland, Stockholm, Serbia, United States, Geneva, Hamburg, Budapest, and many more places brought me back to the simplest of all maxims! Be the change and start today.. The world will automatically come together to support you and these incredible women just did the magic!

I swiftly came into what we call our comfort zone and was straight up talking about the world of finance which fascinates me every single day!

A few steps which I mentioned in my talk and which need to be reiterated from time to time are listed below. These are what we call the baby steps to enabling financial literacy:

  1. Acknowledge your concerns: Accept that your financial needs must be looked at and you can do it!
  2. Embrace your financial fears: You’re not alone, but you can change your dynamics.
  3. List down your financial goals and plan your journey : Write down your goals and start saving to achieve them.
  4. Start early, start today : Early == Today, The sooner you start planning for your future, the better it is.
  5. Tiny habits matter: Save small amounts of money and invest small at first, This is ideally an amount which would not make a huge difference to you.
  6. Build your corpus as you grow : As you get acquainted with the nuances, slowly build your investment.
  7. Understand the cost of credit : This is the extra amount over the money you borrowed which goes out of your pocket as interest rates!
  8. Diversify your risks : Invest in different kinds of instruments.
  9. Keep your mind open to learning and evolving: Finance is an ever changing world, hence its important to keep growing your knowledge and monitoring your financial plans to make adjustments from time to time.
  10. Make your finances work for you: As you get comfortable, slowly you will see that your finances start working to your advantage!

But most importantly, Remember, Its Your Money! Only you can take the best care of it!

When it comes to Financial Well being, becoming part of a financial community goes a long long way because together everyone learns. The time it will take you to learn about finance on your own is drastically cut short by when you are a part of a community and when you’re feeling low your community brings you back on track!

The journey to becoming financially literate starts with you and the sooner you ENABLE it the faster you discover your path to financial wellness and financial liberation!

Together, lets all Enable Financial Literacy 🙂

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