Ms Neha Misra thank you for conducting a highly informative session on Blockchain. I look forward to having other such engagements with you…

Dr. Amit Bhadra Dean, Business Administration, GITAM Deemed University

The topic of personal finance was something oblivious to me a few months back. Reading about it recently made me realise that managing finances is an essential skill for everyone and I wish it had been taught to me earlier in school/college. If you are new to finance then FinLitProject is the perfect platform to start.

Karthik SivacharanCreator Stack

Neha and the Fin Lit Project are going to fix financial literacy around the world. The Fin Lit Project is a brilliant venture and one the world is much in need of. Many of our communities consider money a dirty word, topic, and thing, but it is a privilege to be able to look at it this way. The reality is money touches everyone and unfortunately, most of the world unequally. To change that unequal access, it starts with financial literacy, not at all an easy feat, but Neha and the Fin Lit Project are marvelously tackling it head on and we look forward to following their impact. Thank you Neha and the Fin Lit Project!

Rebecca KerschTang App

n layman terms, the speaker explained a host of investment avenues which we could consider. She helped create awareness on various issues and also the pitfalls of not investing smartly. It was a great session for a beginner like me. Hopefully, I can set my future right with these new insights I gained from this session

Sikha GhantyCognizant

"I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Neha Ma'am for the session ""Demystifying Finance for startups"". I always thought that finance is a topic that is for MBAs and us engineers can never understand it. However, this session changed my outlook on this domain. I am planning to start my own venture and thought that I will have to rely on someone else to do all money-related things for me, but now at least I have a fair idea and also got a knack to know more.
Thank you so much for such an informative session and I honestly learned a lot from this.
Kudos to the Incubation team as well for organizing this session and hope to see more such interactive sessions in the future.

Harsh JainIIIT Delhi

Since Financial Literacy is unfortunately not taught to students when they are growing up, this is a great course for those who want to take charge of their financial futures and also who want to know what the newspapers are talking about.

Nischay ReddySertify

Highly recommend that everyone should take this course! Neha is a knowledgeable, patient teacher and its totally worth the time and effort to take this course.

Rashi SarafIndus Law