1. What is Financial Literacy?

Financial Literacy is a life skill. It is the knowledge and ability of life-long financial:

  • learning,
  • planning,
  • studying

and decision making in

  • creating,
  • saving,
  • investing,
  • borrowing and
  • spending money.

Financial Literacy enhances Financial attitude and Financial Behaviour towards shaping better Financial Capabilities.

2. How can financial literacy help YOU?

Financial Literacy is the passport to Financial Freedom.

The ability to manage finances creates confidence, knowledge and experience to make balanced financial decisions to :

  • actively and passively earn (save and invest) wisely
  • spend smartly

Financial Awareness and Financial Capabilities can help in Financial Well-being in the long run, a systematic and continuous process that counts and impacts!

3. How can financial literacy be learnt/adapted?

Financial Literacy is a life-long learning and adaptation process. What’s recommended is to begin the Fin Lit journey in early stages of life. Financial Literacy requires special education and practice for pragmatic and economic expertise.

4. Why Financial Literacy?

Financial Literacy liberates! When money is a need, knowing how to manage money is a necessity! Financial Literacy liberates the mind from any apprehension about finances and equips the individual to save time and efforts in smart, balanced and wise financial behaviour of dealing with financial risks and problems.

5. Who needs Financial Literacy?

As long as money is ubiquitous (everywhere), Literacy is a must for its stakeholder! Any individual/person who has access to money, finance and financial technology is entitled with the right to be financially literate.
It’s all about realizing the need and taking the effort to be financially literate!

6. How are we addressing Financial Literacy?

The Fin Lit Project team addresses every Financial literary endeavour as a project to best assess, analyze and devise a solution that edifies, evolves and endures.

We aspire to make you independent financially to attain financial mastery with :

  • consistent and quality guidance,
  • ethical and efficient practices,
  • expert talks and exposure,
  • effective, relevant and pervasive content.

Do you wish to invest with us?

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