Neha Misra

Neha is spearheading our vision with years of experience across the globe. She is passionate about finance and can talk endlesslessly about it.

Dr. D C Misra

Dr. Dinesh is our technology head who believes in creating financial literacy impact. He comes with decades of experience of building incredible technology solutions across various domains.
IT Manager

Jimmy Vishwakarma

Creation is my first love, and it will be forever.

Aparna Misra

Aparna comes with a keen eye for perfection. She is a mathematician and book lover who loves to pursue photography when not working for us.
Finance Fellow

Mohammad Ahwar

Ahwar comes from Jamia Millia Islamia University and is incredibly diligent in what he does. As the youngest member of our team Ahwar is super enthusiastic about investing early and learning more about finance.
Finance Fellow

Vandana Jain

Vandana is a second year student pursuing Bcom Hons at Kirori Mal College. She likes writing and is a finance enthusiast. She is intrigued in learning new avenues.
Finance Fellow

Gaurav Chakraborty

Gaurav Chakraborty is a second year Economics Hons student at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. He is a committed individual and an avid learner coupled with enthralling curiosity in decoding the peculiar world of finance.
Finance Fellow

Vanshika Arora

Vanshika is a student of Bachelor of Management studies at University of Delhi. She has her goals inclined towards thriving in the world of financial markets and is committed to attain proficiency when it comes to optimally applying financial knowledge in her life.
Finance Fellow

Shatakshi Singh

Finance Fellow

Aaliya Nasir

Finance Fellow

Sarah Ansari

Marketing Fellow

Sanyam Chugh