At The Fin Lit Project we believe that education can help people navigate the financial system with ease. We have decided to focus on high-quality financial education through robust research, decision-making tools and reliable interventions. Since education alone cannot create financial well-being as there are numerous factors which include an individual’s ability to apply or not apply education to a specific situation hence our purpose is to spread financial literacy by inculcating it as a financial behaviour that transforms financial attitude. The long term goal is to make people adept at managing their personal finances by embracing financial literacy as a way of life .

The Fin Lit Project intends to strive to contribute its expertise in financial literacy using fin tech for enhancement of decision making of individuals in their personal finance matters. By leading and encouraging best practices and knowledge-sharing, we’re committed to improving the effectiveness of financial education and raising awareness of the other factors which affect the achievement of financial well-being for all individuals across the globe.