We believe that financial literacy is the skill of managing your finances. It starts with practicing financial attitude and financial behavior leading to financial capability. With the “Fin Lit Project” we want to make finance and fintech simple and accessible to everyone. As per a study conducted by S&P nearly 75% of the eligible adult population is financially illiterate .

In normal course financial terms appear to be complicated and the public at large feels uncomfortable in coping with those terms. We aim to take financial literacy to a minimum forty percent by the end of the next five years. Though this appears to be humongous task, we have devised various micro courses in such a way that attaining our set target would not be difficult for us.

We have developed our education App and are regularly adding courses to it so that those who are keen can easily access our courses which have been designed in such a way that even a new comer to the financial literacy program feels comfortable. To increase our reach we have SEBI and NISM empanelled trainers to conduct webinars and Seminars to spread Financial Literacy. We have also started signing MOU with educational institutions to get Financial Literacy included as a course so that students can be made familiar with the finance terms using the latest technology in finances which include Blockchain, AI and machine learning.