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Neha Misra
The Fin Lit Project

A few months ago, we realised that there is a huge gap in what people perceive to be Finance and what the world of Finance actually offers!

Since talking about Finance helps make the understanding more profound we launched our Financially Speaking Podcast Season 1 Series featuring 13 distinguished individuals in finance simplifying some really important aspects of finance.

From Quant Funds, Decentralised Finance or DeFi, FinTech, Wealth Inequality, Blockchain ( mind you that’s more than crypto), Private Equity, Islamic Finance, Sustainable Finance to FinTech Literacy for kids and Democratising Finance, we explored 13 different themes in Season 1 of our podcast.

With an audience stretched across the globe from India, the United States and 6 other countries, our voices stretched the peripheries of our own country.

If you missed listening to any of those themes do check out these conversations and learn more about the fascinating world of finance.

The Podcast is available on our Youtube channel, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Do check it out if you haven’t already and leave us a message if you’d like to feature in one of our upcoming episodes for season 2!

We’re excited to bring you new content, more engagement and features as we roll out our exciting podcasts and education app in this upcoming quarter!

Looking forward to enabling Financial Literacy, The Podcast way!

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