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Our Vision 

We believe that financial literacy is the skill of managing your finances.

It starts with practicing financial behaviour and financial attitude leading to financial capability.


With The Fin Lit Project, we want to make finance simple and accessible for everyone.


Meet The Team

Neha Misra


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Neha is spearheading our vision with years of experience across the globe. She is passionate about finance and can talk endlesslessly about it.

Dr DC Misra


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Dr Dinesh is our technology head who believes in creating financial literacy impact. He comes with decades of experience of building incredible technology solutions across various domains.

Harshita Chandra

Creative Director

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Harshita is our creative genius.
She firmly believes in sustainable living as a goal for building a better world and leads her own fashion brand to achieve the same.

Aparna Misra


Akanksha M Sharma 

Director - Legal Operations

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Anrudh Bakshi

 Operations Fellow

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Akanksha is our most dependable guide. She is an avid book reader who loves baking and gardening She also loves to take care of her 200+ plants in addition to contributing to our platform.

Anrudh is our goto person for everything from to articles to design.
 When not writing for us, Anrudh is either reading articles about history on Wikipedia, playing video games or cooking.

Aparna comes with a keen eye for perfection. She is a mathematician and book lover who loves to pursue photography when not working for us.


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